Nailed It

September 30 – Commissioned by Grace to do product photography for the re-launch range of GK Nails, doing studio beauty work is quite rare for me but it’s always nice to change things up a bit, joined on the day by Amy and Flo we had a pretty sweet morning in Pithay Studios. Originally when I was given the brief it mainly consisted of ‘I really need some close ups, as close as you can’ A lens I picked up last year 105mm macro for photographing frogs and shit trying to work my way onto the next series of David Attenborough documentaries came in pretty useful! Was great to work with Amy again and always nice to see Florence. Along with the nail company Grace is also an amazing MUA, and on a quick turn-around of images that makes my job a lot easier. Highlight of the day being when Amy declared that she hd come up with her own nail range too, which seemed to only consist of sticking anything to hand onto the end of her finger, including a rasberry, do look out for this range which I’m sure will be appearing in John Lewis any day now. flo



2015-09-30 16.13.58