My First Gold

Ohhh Lordy, I’ve not been able to do a blog post in 6 months! I have however been saving all my behind the scenes images and nifty bits of information into one folder on my hard-drive (clever ey). Hoping over the next few days to be able to get a whole batch of back log posts done at once, so please forgive me if the wrong date information is on each post (it really will be wrong!). So picking up from where I left off in May…

In the beautiful month of June, my birthday month where I turned 32 (i’m not even sure how this has happened), I was awarded my first ever Gold Award by the SWPP in their monthly image competition in the Avant Garde category. Many thanks to Layla & Malcolm for modelling this one, and Richard P Walton whose portable light I managed to pinch for 10 minutes while I shot it. This image was achieved during one of our Derelict Adventure Days where I popped over the bridge to Wales for a couple of days away.

2015-08-27 11.47.36

Image Maker Publication.

Really still so pleased to have received this amount of exposure in last Months Professional Imagemaker Magazine, so many people will have had a copy, and as we approach the latter half of the year I look forward to the next print competition in January! I was hoping these images would be large enough to read the print, but if it isn’t and you would like to read my article please contact me and I can send you a link to the original PDF, thanks again to everyone for your continued support.
Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.14.46

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.15.10

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.15.22

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.15.35

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.15.44

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.15.52

Screenshot 2015-04-30 08.16.03

Red N’ Black!

Recently shot with Lusy for a couple of her clothing sponsors, for some strange reason we both rocked up wearing red and black! It must be the trend of the South West. We only shot for a short while, and Lusy spent some time trying to save a poor little pigeon that was trapped high up in some netting, poor little blighter. IMG_9418

Cheers Dad

Delighted to announce that I have another magazine Front Cover, this time for one of the worlds best know photography magazines, going out to over 70 countries worldwide, Professional Imagemaker magazine, which runs in conjunctions alongside the SWPP has given me the privilege of having my clown photograph on the cover, along with a 7 page article inside. I was literally going out the door to head off to Wales to get together with a young man around my age (more info on this soon) who I became friends with at the last competition when the postman dropped this through the door. Quick thanks to my Dad who took this image of me holding the magazine, when I was young I always remember my dad having a SLR around his neck, I must see if that’s in our loft or something because that could be handy. In all seriousness thanks again to the SWPP for this award winning image, and to Mike at Imagemaker for featuring it on the cover. (it’s clear from this photo why I am not on the other side of the camera, as I seem to have 3 fingers on my left hand, some sort of Homer Simpson like sausage fingers on the right, and also have no idea where to look).10603217_844064062341037_7643822398864509558_n

For Him, For Her

Shameless little plug for one of my clients CLIC Sargent, the new site is looking great since launch day last year, and they always endeavour to keep it fresh and up to date with new images and content, I’m really loving the new ‘For Him/For Her’ section. Well done to all involved in this great and successful project.
Screenshot 2015-04-01 13.43.57

They can reach the size of dustbin lids, don’t you know!

Ok, so here is a little group photo of my most recent fashion work, knitwear designer Amber Hards latest creation inspired by Jellyfish! Here is a quick group photo of the team, all brought together by maestro high fashion stylist Sue Fyfe-Williams (taking the photo), from left to right we have model, Florence Seck, myself, HMUA Grace Kinsley, and model Layla Leigh Brown.10922347_824493424298101_8145188700375041791_o

I’m in a little video!… well, the back of me is!

Just wanted to share this little promotional video made by ‘The Very Vintage Hire Co’ which features one of my photo shoots at around the 1 minute mark. A fantastic company i’ve had the pleasure to work for on a couple of occasions now. If you’re ever after cool props, go check them out! shot 2015-03-31 at 11.03.43

Welcome Along

So this week has been all about shooting the new Spring/Summer 2015 range for FULS Clothing. It was especially nice for us to expand our team with 3 new faces, Kieron, Imogen, and Elesha who all fit the style just perfectly! What do guys think? (Make-up & Hair by Rebecca Rose Robinson, Make-up Artist).FULSNEWmodels

Say Cheese, and don’t tilt your head back, you will look chubby!

Ummmm so yeh, it looks like I decided to go for the slightly hunched, hint of a double chin bulldog pose for this one! in all seriousness many Thanks to the SWPP for sending through this image from the awards ceremony last month. Here I am with (from left to right) SWPP CEO Phil Jones, Gurvir Joha (Classic Portrait), Myself (Portrait Avant Garde & Overall Portrait Winner) Martin Leckie (Childrens Portrait). Fantastic evening and can’t wait for next year!20x16portraitFB

Multi-Award Winning Portrait Photographer

Photography can be so hard at times, and when I went to America last year I took it as a little time out and was seriously considering giving it up for a ‘normal’ life. I’m glad I stuck to my guns, and have also stuck to doing the photography that I like doing instead of changing it to suit what others considered ‘good’. Ive never had my word properly critiqued, judged or looked at so I attended the competition this week for that reason, and with the hope of meeting some new people and making some new friends. Photography at times can feel like a very solitude thing to be part of, but nights like the ceremony last night made me realise there are a group of creatives that I’m very proud to be part of. So last night I won Avant Garde Portrait of the year, overall portrait of the year, and I came 2nd in the whole competition by 1 point to a very good image that I was happy to lose to by a vote of 12/13. I’m really so chuffed to have taken part and acheived what I have, the competition is worldwide, receiving over 500 entrants and the largest photography convention & competition in Europe. Here is the image. Modelled by my friend Gemma Louise Williams make up by Rebecca Rose Robinson & The White Rabbit, clothes supplied by Anna Dixon and shot at ‘A Very Vintage Hire Co’ in Exeter. Thanks to the SWPP for everything over those few days I was in London, and to all the new people I’ve met and look forward to working with in the near future._MG_6310

Wild World hey?

So this is pretty random, but quite cool. I’m not totally sure who these guys are, however ‘Sixty 5 Digital Imaging’ decided to write this sweet little blog about me and my work, including my drinking habits! Screenshot 2015-02-03 15.52.17

Behind the Scenes

Although it’s featured on the website from a recent post, I just wanted to share the link to the video that was made by Chris Cahill and his camera team. SO much effort, energy and face paced hard work goes into every shoot from the stylists and designers, makeup and hair, setting up lighting and backdrops, models working extremely hard often for quite long periods at a time, right through to editing and printing, what Chris has done here is managed to capture the feel of a shoot, and a great edit to bring it all together which compliments greatly with the creative talent and work that goes into every item made and sold at Fix Up. Screenshot 2014-11-10 11.28.48

Centre Stage

A centre page double spread in Centre Stage Magazine of my Tattoos shoot with John Craig. 997089_746183568795754_2826667836442868683_n

Brand Spanking NEW Fix Up Look Sharp Website!!!

So last month saw the release of a brand new website for the fabulous people of CLIC Sargents own fashion label Fix Up Look Sharp After 3 consecutive days of shooting all their new products the site went live and in it’s first couple of weeks has done really well! If you are after individual and unique items of clothing, please spare 10 minutest have a look around, all while supporting a great cause at the same time, Thank You. Screenshot 2014-10-21 09.47.06

2nd Publication in a week!

So along with a five page spread in Vintage Life mage, Clifton Life this week also decide to do a double page feature on the trailer park images. I love the lay out of these. See the full online here 10551652_361598460654883_6498308420265570254_o