Avant Garde

SWPP 20 X 16, 2016 Finalist

A brilliant week away in London, a few more images entered this year (they had a bloody good deal on!). I was really pleased to have an image in the final for my 2nd year running again in Portrait Avant Garde, which is by far my favourite category. Unfortunately though I was only able to come runner up this year, but also had 10 Silver Merit Awards for my other entries, along with my one Gold for the Mad Hatter image with my good old friend and fellow creative Rebecca Rose Robinson. This image was taken during one of my big shoot days with The Prop Factory, Wedding and Decor Stylist Hannah Taylor, Hair and makeup by The White Rabbit Makeup Artist & Rebecca Rose Robinson. I always try my bloody hardest to get images up on the wall in the Hilton for the people I work with, just glad I managed it again this year. 2016-01-21 18.36.23-1

2016-01-22 17.31.1412715944_935727636519319_1953331848224333616_o

My First Gold

Ohhh Lordy, I’ve not been able to do a blog post in 6 months! I have however been saving all my behind the scenes images and nifty bits of information into one folder on my hard-drive (clever ey). Hoping over the next few days to be able to get a whole batch of back log posts done at once, so please forgive me if the wrong date information is on each post (it really will be wrong!). So picking up from where I left off in May…

In the beautiful month of June, my birthday month where I turned 32 (i’m not even sure how this has happened), I was awarded my first ever Gold Award by the SWPP in their monthly image competition in the Avant Garde category. Many thanks to Layla & Malcolm for modelling this one, and Richard P Walton whose portable light I managed to pinch for 10 minutes while I shot it. This image was achieved during one of our Derelict Adventure Days where I popped over the bridge to Wales for a couple of days away.

2015-08-27 11.47.36