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That time of year again, the time when it’s still a bit cold and you’re shooting the Summer range. The usual suspects, Kieron & Beccy, and joining us was our lovely new member to the gang Ella Riggs. CLIC staff Clare, Ruth & Hayley also all came along for a day of fun and selfies.IMG_6650








Associate Level, (ASWPP)

So in the build up to Christmas I was pretty together putting together and mounting 35 20 x 16 prints ahead of the competition in March, 15 prints for the comp, and 20 prints which made up my Associate level panel to be assessed during my time away in London. I’m pleased to say I had some amazing feedback while I was there, with all five judges unanimously passing my panel. Along with hanging my panel on the wall, I began by reading out a short statement of intent alongside it. I’m not a particularly emotional sort of guy, but half way through reading it, a moment dawned on me where I realised that this panel of images represents the core of my work since I picked up a camera three years ago, and now here it all was about to be assessed by five strangers who have been in the game a long time. Anyway I managed to get through to the end without making a plonker of myself. The morning of my panel being judged, I also met a lovely but rather nervous young lady called Audrey, she was due to go in the slot just before me, again for Associate Level, and we got our images ready in the prep room at the same time, I took a look at just a couple of her images and they blew me away, a horror esque gothic storytelling style of images, that also faired very very well when it came to competition time. We were both presented with our certificates on the same evening too, although we both chose different cameras to smile at.

Associate Panel Submission, Thursday 21st January 09:30 – Alistair Campbell

Before I begin I’d just like to say that before I joined the SWPP a year ago, I had no idea that panel’s of work even existed. When I began taking photographs about 3 years ago, I did so out of passion, creativity and as a means to express myself. Putting together this panel has helped me make sense of my style, my work and ultimately what I am trying to communicate.

The people in all of these images have a story to tell, and it lies behind their eyes, often (but not all the time) it is an extension of myself at that time.

The expressionism I like to explore is elusive, not obvious, but lies between the lines. A slight connection in the eyes can represent a deep connection and happiness or total ambiguity, often only there for a brief moment… The slightest bow of the head can mean deep sadness, loneliness or loss, a slight tilt in another direction can be playful or empowering.

When I work with people for the first time I try to take them through a range of emotions, find out their story and see what makes them tick. Often at some point during the conversation I will see that look in their eye which fits into my work, or that represents the emotion I am trying to convey.

Of course I do not work in this way every time, sometimes I work with others on just creating fun character based portraits, or even they may have a story to tell of their own. Sometimes people will say to me, why did you go to the trouble of making that set when you could have just used a green screen and edited it in… To me that’s not the ‘trouble’ but in fact one of my favorite parts of creating images. I have a personal rule that if I cannot create it in the camera, then it’s not for me (of course with with small exceptions from time to time). Visiting old buildings or strange places, gathering together outfits, costumes and a team to creating something we can all look back on, and be proud of.

I try never to have any of my images too ‘readable’ by the viewer, but always leave people guessing ‘what were they thinking about there’ I just try to suggest the start of the that thinking journey for anyone looking at these images, the rest of that journey is up to each individual…


2016-01-21 09.48.54
2016-01-21 09.42.45-1
2016-01-26 16.50.06

Derelict Adventure Day 02

I could probably write a short book on these days out, but along with a couple magazine articles on the horizon I’ll try to keep it short. So my 2nd time heading out into the derelict building of the Uk alongside a new friend and fellow photographer Richard P Walton, this time we managed to find a location that was about an hour away from each of us. A few weeks prior I had put out a casting call which had a nice response and gave us lots of options of who to take with us. On day one we were joined by Nadia, Matthew and Scarlett. I got an awful lot done in the morning, some gritty fashion with Matthew, then some nice gothic western vintage saloon style images with Nadia alongside Matthew (I don’t know if that is an actual style), and finally some Avant Garde fashion style images with Scarlett with a stunning corset and dress supplied by Anna Dixon AKA Rumpelstiltskin Costumiers (Red Brick Building, Glastonbury). As Scarlett and Matthew had to head off a little early, Nadia stayed with us for the afternoon where I managed to shoot some portraits with a beautiful headpiece sent down to photograph for Cara at Hysteria Machine, she pretty much gives me free license to create whatever I want with the images, so half a bag of flour later I had a nice little creative portrait, and possible a competition piece ahead of January 2016. Richie put together some interesting work that day too, levitation images, which I had not seen done before, you can learn so much from going out shooting in pairs, every photographer works in such a different way and style, and on day 2 I did have a little crack at it myself with a man in a Sackmask suspended by chains image (well it was Halloween).

Back to sunny Burnham-on-Sea for the evening with Richard, a bloody good curry deal, a couple pints of beer and chatting about photography long into the night before heading back out the next morning where we were lucky enough to be joined by Malcolm who also came to our first Derelict Adventure Day. As we only had Malcolm with us and Richard was keen to continue his levitation images I offered my quite exquisite modelling services, opened up my trust suitcase which I take to ever shoot and before we knew it we had cobbled together some pretty sweet Wild West styled outfits (My outfit was actually not too far off my normal every day attire if truth be known). A cracking couple of days out in the derelict, and now we begin our search for the location of Derelict Adventure Day 03….2015-10-21 19.34.44

2015-10-22 13.23.25

2015-10-22 13.29.33

2015-10-22 13.34.36

2015-10-22 15.07.57

2015-10-23 14.09.49



Nailed It

September 30 – Commissioned by Grace to do product photography for the re-launch range of GK Nails, doing studio beauty work is quite rare for me but it’s always nice to change things up a bit, joined on the day by Amy and Flo we had a pretty sweet morning in Pithay Studios. Originally when I was given the brief it mainly consisted of ‘I really need some close ups, as close as you can’ A lens I picked up last year 105mm macro for photographing frogs and shit trying to work my way onto the next series of David Attenborough documentaries came in pretty useful! Was great to work with Amy again and always nice to see Florence. Along with the nail company Grace is also an amazing MUA, and on a quick turn-around of images that makes my job a lot easier. Highlight of the day being when Amy declared that she hd come up with her own nail range too, which seemed to only consist of sticking anything to hand onto the end of her finger, including a rasberry, do look out for this range which I’m sure will be appearing in John Lewis any day now. flo



2015-09-30 16.13.58


Hellter Skelter

Contacted again by the Lusy ahead of the launch of her latest project Hellter Skelter Horror Show along with Bex Cision, Zoe Melissa Mae and Roxy Reveals, they were after some images to promote the new group. I rarely shoot in the same location twice, and especially not with the same person, however the location myself and Lusy originally shot in was logistically and aesthetically pretty hand dandy for this shoot. Roxy came down from the North with her fella Shaun who was a filmmaker so that gave us a pretty easy ice-breaker, and her little daughter Aeriel. Zoe came up from Brighton and loves being on her phone, I think it’s mainly just selfies but this is of course only conjecture. 2015-09-13 17.33.34

2015-09-13 17.33.23

2015-09-13 16.47.05

2015-09-13 17.41.09

Trix & Rach

September 3rd – Fun day our near Bristol. Mariah (Trix) was one of the first people I ever photographed, bags of energy and a shit load of selfies on my phone when I gave it to her to look after. I’ve also photographed Rachael before a couple years ago but she now resides in her native country of Australia. As Rach was home for a couple O’ weeks the girls contacted me about shooting something a little more creative. I think I managed to get a competition image with some fire and also a couple of nice warrior fashion style images too. Here I am like a rabbit in the headlights enjoying my afternoon. Cheers2015-09-03 13.58.10


Back in August saw me re-united with the wonderful people at Fix Up Look Sharp & CLIC Sargent, this time we were joined by three new faces, Rebecca and Shane joined us to model the latest range, and Sabina was on hand with her make-up skills. just wanted to share a few behind the scenes images form this shoot as I always have a pretty darn god time working for these people. I’ve also included one of those ‘a photo of me taking a photo photo’ basically because I’m always harping on that you can pretty much take a half decent photo anywhere. Quite often I’m employed on shoots in a location where I’ve never been before, a little 10 minute scout around at the start of the day can usually lead to some nice little spaces around you. Matching up colours and textures is actually quite satisfying, so if I was ever to have a motto it would be – ‘Always be on the look out, not for ninjas, but for textures and colour, but yeh also ninjas‘.

2015-08-14 12.35.20

2015-08-14 09.41.14

2015-08-13 23.12.06

Red N’ Black!

Recently shot with Lusy for a couple of her clothing sponsors, for some strange reason we both rocked up wearing red and black! It must be the trend of the South West. We only shot for a short while, and Lusy spent some time trying to save a poor little pigeon that was trapped high up in some netting, poor little blighter. IMG_9418

They can reach the size of dustbin lids, don’t you know!

Ok, so here is a little group photo of my most recent fashion work, knitwear designer Amber Hards latest creation inspired by Jellyfish! Here is a quick group photo of the team, all brought together by maestro high fashion stylist Sue Fyfe-Williams (taking the photo), from left to right we have model, Florence Seck, myself, HMUA Grace Kinsley, and model Layla Leigh Brown.10922347_824493424298101_8145188700375041791_o

I’m in a little video!… well, the back of me is!

Just wanted to share this little promotional video made by ‘The Very Vintage Hire Co’ which features one of my photo shoots at around the 1 minute mark. A fantastic company i’ve had the pleasure to work for on a couple of occasions now. If you’re ever after cool props, go check them out! shot 2015-03-31 at 11.03.43