On location


That time of year again, the time when it’s still a bit cold and you’re shooting the Summer range. The usual suspects, Kieron & Beccy, and joining us was our lovely new member to the gang Ella Riggs. CLIC staff Clare, Ruth & Hayley also all came along for a day of fun and selfies.IMG_6650








Derelict Adventure Day 02

I could probably write a short book on these days out, but along with a couple magazine articles on the horizon I’ll try to keep it short. So my 2nd time heading out into the derelict building of the Uk alongside a new friend and fellow photographer Richard P Walton, this time we managed to find a location that was about an hour away from each of us. A few weeks prior I had put out a casting call which had a nice response and gave us lots of options of who to take with us. On day one we were joined by Nadia, Matthew and Scarlett. I got an awful lot done in the morning, some gritty fashion with Matthew, then some nice gothic western vintage saloon style images with Nadia alongside Matthew (I don’t know if that is an actual style), and finally some Avant Garde fashion style images with Scarlett with a stunning corset and dress supplied by Anna Dixon AKA Rumpelstiltskin Costumiers (Red Brick Building, Glastonbury). As Scarlett and Matthew had to head off a little early, Nadia stayed with us for the afternoon where I managed to shoot some portraits with a beautiful headpiece sent down to photograph for Cara at Hysteria Machine, she pretty much gives me free license to create whatever I want with the images, so half a bag of flour later I had a nice little creative portrait, and possible a competition piece ahead of January 2016. Richie put together some interesting work that day too, levitation images, which I had not seen done before, you can learn so much from going out shooting in pairs, every photographer works in such a different way and style, and on day 2 I did have a little crack at it myself with a man in a Sackmask suspended by chains image (well it was Halloween).

Back to sunny Burnham-on-Sea for the evening with Richard, a bloody good curry deal, a couple pints of beer and chatting about photography long into the night before heading back out the next morning where we were lucky enough to be joined by Malcolm who also came to our first Derelict Adventure Day. As we only had Malcolm with us and Richard was keen to continue his levitation images I offered my quite exquisite modelling services, opened up my trust suitcase which I take to ever shoot and before we knew it we had cobbled together some pretty sweet Wild West styled outfits (My outfit was actually not too far off my normal every day attire if truth be known). A cracking couple of days out in the derelict, and now we begin our search for the location of Derelict Adventure Day 03….2015-10-21 19.34.44

2015-10-22 13.23.25

2015-10-22 13.29.33

2015-10-22 13.34.36

2015-10-22 15.07.57

2015-10-23 14.09.49



Trix & Rach

September 3rd – Fun day our near Bristol. Mariah (Trix) was one of the first people I ever photographed, bags of energy and a shit load of selfies on my phone when I gave it to her to look after. I’ve also photographed Rachael before a couple years ago but she now resides in her native country of Australia. As Rach was home for a couple O’ weeks the girls contacted me about shooting something a little more creative. I think I managed to get a competition image with some fire and also a couple of nice warrior fashion style images too. Here I am like a rabbit in the headlights enjoying my afternoon. Cheers2015-09-03 13.58.10

My First Gold

Ohhh Lordy, I’ve not been able to do a blog post in 6 months! I have however been saving all my behind the scenes images and nifty bits of information into one folder on my hard-drive (clever ey). Hoping over the next few days to be able to get a whole batch of back log posts done at once, so please forgive me if the wrong date information is on each post (it really will be wrong!). So picking up from where I left off in May…

In the beautiful month of June, my birthday month where I turned 32 (i’m not even sure how this has happened), I was awarded my first ever Gold Award by the SWPP in their monthly image competition in the Avant Garde category. Many thanks to Layla & Malcolm for modelling this one, and Richard P Walton whose portable light I managed to pinch for 10 minutes while I shot it. This image was achieved during one of our Derelict Adventure Days where I popped over the bridge to Wales for a couple of days away.

2015-08-27 11.47.36